Late 1800s

Portland Maine in 1890

Adam’s great-great-grandfather, Lazarus, immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe and settled in Portland, Maine where he was a shoemaker and opened a retail shoe store on Middle Street.

Sam and Annie, the first owners of Mark Adrian Shoes in the Boston-area


Lazarus’ son Sam moved south to Boston with his wife Annie, following his father into the retail shoe business by opening his own shoe stores.


Bob and Sally Farber, owners of Bob's Bootery

After WWII, Annie and Sam’s son Bob, Adam’s grandfather, likewise opened several shoe stores throughout the Boston area (Bob’s Bootery). Along with his wife Sally, he introduced his children to the retail shoe culture, particularly engaging his son Mark in the family business.

Amy and Mark Adrian


Just after graduating from UMass, Amherst, Bob’s son, Mark Adrian Farber, Adam’s father, founded today’s store on Main Street in Gloucester. With his soon-to-be-wife, Amy, they moved into their new community. Mark purchased the business from Philip and Libelle Wine, who had opened their shoe store in this location in 1950. Mark immediately began rebuilding the business into the very special store it is today.


Mark, Amy, Adam and Shira inside Mark Adrian Shoes

Adam joined the family business after having grown up in the entrepreneurial family culture. He spent his first decade after college in New York City working in marketing and product development for Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music. Adam brought new insight and energy into the business, introducing new shoe brands, expanding our technological prowess, and re-engaging our very loyal customers and staff.


Mark officially retired and Adam assumed full ownership of Mark Adrian Shoes. Adam, his wife Sara, and their two young sons are thrilled to be continuing the family tradition.